Homelessness is not a crime…


I saw this petition posted on my friend Arlene's Facebook page and had to click on it. The title of the link is "Homelessness is not a crime - and neither is feeding the hungry!' from WatchDog. The petition is to 33 city mayors that want to ban giving food to the homeless now...  Yes you really need to click on it and … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day 2015…

Earth Day 2015

Right behind Halloween ~ Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays. If you aren't familiar with Earth Day then darling you really must go to Google and type in Earth Day and read all about it...  If you aren't aware of the perils of what planet Earth is going through currently then today is your day to learn. Knowledge … [Read more...]

Vice on HBO has you covered…

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.01.30 PM

Vice on HBO deliveries another mind blowing episode this week. The first half of the episode is 'The Post-Antibiotic World' with Thomas Morton and the second half is 'Indonesia's Palm Bomb' with Ben Anderson. The first episode deals with the harsh reality of how we all depend on antibiotics to treat everything  so much … [Read more...]

Dan Price, C.E.O of Gravity is my hero..

Dan Price, C.E.O of Gravity Payments.

When I saw this story on the NBC Nightly News I swear I had tears in my eyes so in case you missed it here it is "Seattle Business Owner Raises His Workers' Minimum Pay to $70,000" by Joe Fryer.  Dan Price is the C.E.O of Gravity Payments and he just did something I think every C.E.O in America should do, he cut his … [Read more...]

Tax time with John Oliver…

IRS by John Oliver HBO

Did you miss "Last Week Tonight" on HBO with John Oliver last episode? Well don't worry your pretty head just click video below and watch.. Wait till you see who John Oliver has to sing at the end of the show... you must watch the entire video... … [Read more...]