12 magical & colorful natural wonders of the world…

Laguna Colorada - Potosi Bolivia photo by Byelikova Oksana.

Sometimes I just need to take a break from the harsh reality of today's news so when I stumbled upon '12 of the world's most colorful natural wonders' article by Catie Leary on Mother Nature Network website I exhaled. Looking at these amazing photos of natural wonders from all around the world gives me some hope in … [Read more...]

Greenpeace ‘Saving the Arctic’ ….

No drilling in the Arctic.

If I were just finishing up college and 21 years of age I would go work for Greenpeace without doubt. Greenpeace is the largest independent, direct action environmental organization in the world....They are there to save the Arctic ~ to protect the forests ~ fight global warming ~ protect our oceans ~ promote … [Read more...]

The Conflict in Iraq leaves thousands dead…

People stand in rubble after a bombing in the eastern neighborhood of New Baghdad on July 6th. Photograph Hadi Mizban / AP

If you haven't already read 'Iraq conflict leaves nearly 15,000 civilians dead over last 16 months' by Associated Press in New York on The Guardian website here is your chance. UN reports that in addition to the death toll there is 30,000 wounded not to mention the 3,000 to 5,000 men, women and children held captive by … [Read more...]

STD detecting condoms that glow in the dark….

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you haven't read ' STD-Detecting Condoms: UK Teens Invent a Condom That Glows in the Dark around STIs' by Ed Cara for Medicaldaily.com . A group of extremely bright students from the Isaac Newton Academy in London have invented a condom that glows in the presence of certain Sexually Transmitted Infection. Thank … [Read more...]

Food Waste on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver..

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO: Food Waste.

Only John Oliver can make the conversation of food waste funny but somehow he did a brilliant job. If you missed Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO here is you chance to watch... According to a report by the National Resources Defense Council, Americans waste about 40% of food that's produced … [Read more...]

Bach flower remedies to help deal with grief…

Bach Flower Remedies:
Olive, Honeysuckle & Star of Bethlehem.

It's been one month since Mitch and I lost our baby girl Jenny - our beloved house cat. Jenny was 23 years old and my best friend for almost 14 years, she played a major role in my day to day life. Time took its toll on Jenny and made her blind and almost deaf at the end but right at the very last hour she was eating … [Read more...]

Racism alive and kicking in……

Hillbillies waving the Confederate Flag at the President in Oklahoma. Photos by AP / Evan Vucci.

Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina and all the rest of the red hillbilly states ~ racism is alive and kicking. President Obama was in Oklahoma to visit El Reno Federal Correctional Institution as his motor cade passed into town there were a … [Read more...]

NPR’s story ‘Sold into Sex Slavery’..

Katherine Streeter for NPR.

Listening to NPR is like getting your daily dose of reality. Lauren Frayer's story 'Sold Into Sex Slavery: The Plight of African Women Migrating To Europe' on NPR's All Things Considered is worth reading & listening to.  As Americans we tend to take so much for granted like our freedom. Women leaving Africa for a … [Read more...]

NASA gets close to Pluto…

Pluto photo from NASA.

Yesterday morning while listening to NPR I listened to them talk about NASA's space probe sending back never before photos of Pluto. The space probe traveled more than 3 billion miles to send photos and collect data about Pluto to send back to us here on planet Earth. As I listened to this story I kept saying to myself … [Read more...]

Jimmy Carter Losing his Religion for Equality….

Illustration by Dyson

I would have voted for Jimmy Carter if I were a little bit older in age. He has always been a man of integrity with a heart full of compassion. I will never forget the first time I hear him speak in Atlanta, I had chills on the back of my neck. He is the only president in my lifetime that never started a war or fired a … [Read more...]