Minor earthquakes hit northern Texas any idea why???

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I'm not a rocket scientist, I just play one on General Hospital. Seriously it doesn't require anyone to have a degree in seismology to understand that fracking has its hand in all these recent earthquake tremors in northern Texas.  Diana Heidgerd from the AP (Associated Press) wrote this article I want to share with … [Read more...]

IKEA is leading the solar revolution…

IKEA selling solar panels in Europe..

Solar panels may be coming to an IKEA store near you.  IKEA rolled out selling solar panels last year in the U.K. and will roll out the new products in eight countries starting with the Netherlands and Switzerland soon. Click here to read story... In 2013 IKEA changed the game up a tad bit by selling low cost solar … [Read more...]

The film: “The Last Days” can help stop terrorism.

Last Days.

I love watching Bill Maher on HBO because I always learn something. His last guess of the night was the film director Kathryn Bigelow and she was there to talk about her first animation film she recently finished. It's called "Last Days" and it's a film that will help end ivory funded terrorism. CLICK HERE FOR … [Read more...]

Happy MLK day….


If I could close my eyes and see the world as it should be, I would see a more peaceful planet. That's really not what I see when I close my eyes. I see people in this world really becoming more interested in what the Kardashians are doing instead of what's going on with the environment or the world for that matter. I … [Read more...]

Governor Cuomo bans fracking in New York…

New York bans fracking.

When I initially heard about this I was listening to NPR and I could have sworn NPR said Texas just banned fracking and it stopped me in my tracks. I said "Texas would never in a million years ban fracking" so I ran to my computer and Googled it and yes sadly I was wrong. Texas did no ban fracking, it was New York. … [Read more...]

MINDFULNESS by Anderson Cooper of 60 Minutes.

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I love watching 60 Minutes and have for decades, this news magazine has always had its finger on the pulse. Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes did one of the most amazing stories I've watched in some time called "MINDFULNESS" and I was mesmerized.  Please click here to watch and read the story...  Anderson Cooper … [Read more...]