Patagonia isn’t just your typical fashion brand….

Recycled clothes.

Patagonia is a California based clothing company founded in the early 70's and they have never been your typical fashion brand. Patagonia is always searching for new innovative ways to protect the planet all while looking stylish. This is a clothing company that takes responsibility for every item they manufacture-from … [Read more...]

Sweden recycling revolution is happening now….

Sweden recycling..

My ultra fabulous friend Arlo tagged me recently on Facebook with this articled titled 'Sweden Recycling 99% of Garbage, Edging Closer to Zero-Waste.' I urge you to read and watch the video but I will give you a readers digest version of this article... Sweden in on a recycling revolution right now with 99% of their … [Read more...]

Climate change bring heat waves around the world…


Reports are out and last year in Australia the record breaking heat wave that country experienced was largely attributed to human caused climate change.  Australia wasn't the only country that experienced record breaking temperatures, Japan, Korea, China and Europe were also affected. Scientists after scientists are … [Read more...]

Teal Traina 60s little brown dress….

Teal Traina.

If you are ever bored take yourself on a magical ride and go to and type in Teal Traina. It's a FAB FAB FAB label and one that everyone doesn't already know, which is always a way to stay ahead of the curb.  Teal Traina died in 2002 at the age of 85 years old. Teal Traina was a 7th Avenue legend who … [Read more...]

Columbus Day but why????

Leif Eriksson.

500 years before the birth of Christopher Columbus, Vikings discovered America.  The Viking discovery of America occurred centuries before Columbus landed in the New World in 1492. The man who discovered America was Leif Eriksson, yes that's right Leif Eriksson. He was believed to have been born in Iceland around A.D. … [Read more...]

Honey Bee the blind cat loves to hike video…

Honey Bee the blind cat.

I watched this brief YouTube video of Honey Bee, a blind cat that was adopted by her owners through Animals Fiji, and it just put everything into perspective.  I urge you to watch this video too. I'm a huge animal lover, in fact I joke that I love animals more than people but actually I'm not joking. If every animal, … [Read more...]

Gayle Kirkpatrick 70′s patchwork wrap velvet dress…

Gayle Kirkpatrick.

This Gayle Kirkpatrick patchwork wrap velvet dress had me at hello. The crazy quilt patchwork is vibrant and so retro that I just had to grab it. Gayle Kirkpatrick was a fashion designer that had a playfulness to him, his approach was youthful and modern and in 1997 he died at the age of 62 from AIDS.  Yes another … [Read more...]