Dior LBD 80s spectacular piece…


Every woman needs at least a few good LBDresses in her closet wouldn't you agree? Every woman needs this vintage 80s LBD by Dior except I have only one to go around which is kinda sad. The great thing about wearing something that is super luxurious and vintage is that when you wear it you can rest assured that you … [Read more...]

World Hello Day so say hello….

World Hello Day.

World Hello Day is a secular holiday that is observed every November 21st, conflict should be resolved through communication rather than the use of force is the message. The purpose of World Hello Day is to promote peace all over the world and to help build barriers between every nationality. The day began in 1973 in … [Read more...]

Ungaro 80s vintage gold lace sexy dress..


Now I see a lot of very sexy dresses in my line of work, as you know I am the owner of Atlanta's premier upscale luxury consignment store called DOUBLETAKE, that specializes in rare timeless pieces. Lots and lots of sexy dresses I see daily but when I found this gem I was speechless. This 80s Ungaro gold lace … [Read more...]

Pierre Cardin vintage wrap dress is stunning.

Pierre Cardin.

At 92 years old Pierre Cardin is still working, still designing, and still licensing new products. He lives in Paris and continues to own his company. Yes still owns his company and there aren't many fashion brands out there that can actually say that now is there? Today it seems like every major fashion brand is owned … [Read more...]

If I were in Oz would the Kardashians be there too?

Can anyone spell trash?

I'm going to break a promise I made to myself when I launched this website, never mention the word Kardashian. My breaking point was when I saw Joy Reid tweet an article she had written about the Kardashians and all I kept thinking about was WHY?  Why would a professional journalist, news anchor for MSNBC and over all … [Read more...]

America Recycles Day is today!!!!

America Recycles Day.

Today is a major overlooked holiday in my opinion.  Each year on November 15, millions of people across the United States take part in America Recycles Day, a day which was created to raise awareness about recycling and the purchasing of recycled products. America Recycles Day was started in 1997 by the National … [Read more...]