Welcome to Daniel Troppy’s online magazine…..

Responsible-TourismThe day to relaunch my brand / vision is here.  I had to say goodbye to The Thrifters and hello to Daniel Troppy’s online magazine.  It will continue to feature luxury timeless & rare items but with the help of some friends will spotlight chefs that believe in cooking organic, for a healthy menu.  I will also be talking with friends who ‘green’ clean their homes to provide you with helpful hints on how anyone can forget those toxic cleaning chemicals.  Daniel Troppy’s online magazine’s goal is simple – to provide you, my readers, with insightful tips on the importance of living a more sustainable lifeSTYLE.  If you have helpful tips and already live that eco-friendly lifeSTYLE please drop me a line @ dtroppy@gmail.com would love to strike up a conversation with you… Keep keeping it GREEN. 



  1. Nina says

    I am thrilled for you Daniel. I was sad when I was not able to find your Thrifters blog but now a whole new element WOW exciting!

    • AdminDaniel says

      Nina I look forward to hearing your voice in this conversation as well… You have many pearls of wisdom so it’s time to unleash…Thanks for your support. Daniel

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