Albert Nipon 70s vintage 3 piece maxi…

Albert Nipon label.

      Albert Nipon always designed classic and basic pieces and even to this day is sold at Neiman Marcus & Lord & Taylor and even on 1stDibs...  This maxi 70s vintage Albert Nipon 3 piece set is just outstanding.  The color, the cut, the simplicity of the piece is just timeless. … [Read more...]

Chef Natalie’s monster pasta recipe…

Monster pasta..

  Another yummy recipe from one of Atlanta's finest - chef Natalie .... Chef Natalie's Food Optimist Website....  click here to see..... Daniel.... I chose this recipe because Noah (her talented son) is doing high intensity training for ROTC and it's important to keep him properly fueled. This is a great … [Read more...]

Stephen Burrows 70s vintage silk patriotic scarf…

Stephen Burrows.

Adding a fun silk scarf to any outfit is always the right thing to do.... There are a million fun ways to wear a scarf around the neck and wrist.  Be creative and have fun with wearing a scarf...  Scarves don't have to be seasonal, they just have to be chic !  Stephen Burrows is chic and always has been!  I love this … [Read more...]

Nina’s home made soap is as easy as 1-2-3…

Soap making ingredients.

Thank you Nina, my lovely friend from Texas, for sharing your home made soap recipe with my readers.... I love how you make everything so damn easy and with this recipe you don't need to be a rocket scientist... Making Liquid Soap From Bar Soap The Easy Way~ Ingredients Needed: 1 Gallon Distilled Water 8 oz. … [Read more...]

Halston 70s disco party dress leaves me breathless….

Halston IV

This emerald green Halston IV disco party dress with the elastic waistband and neckline just leaves me speechless....  The domain sleeves are just gorgeous and I can easily close my eyes and see the likes of Jerry Hall or Liza Minnelli working this dress on the dance floor back in the day...  Halston was an iconic … [Read more...]

Another innocent young black teenager gone…

Gun Violence.

Here we all are once again, another unarmed black teenager has been shot to death point blank and with each one that goes I'm at a complete loss for words.  You can't even say first there was Trayvon Martin because there have been countless more before Trayvon Martin in our country.  Just like Trayvon, Michael Brown … [Read more...]