Twike is half bike & half electric car and I want one..


I had no idea what the hell a Twike was until I saw this article on the Mother Nature Network website and now it's all I can think about.  I highly recommend you clicking on the link and reading all about this innovative vehicle that has the potential to revolutionize this world.  With a little hope and some prayers it … [Read more...]

North America drought monitor map….

North America drought monitor map.

You really would have to be living in a cave or under a rock not to know that a major portion of north America is battling a severe drought. When you look on the map and see the state of California they are in an exceptional drought. California is where a large percentage of our fruits & vegetable come from. We … [Read more...]

Alarming new report about birds and climate change.

Baltimore Oriole bird.

I'm technically not a birder but I do love watching them and I care deeply about them.  I have a hummingbird feeder out during the summer months, a bowl of fresh water for them to drink & bath out of and I also plant a wide variety of flowers such as sunflowers for the birds to eat.  The other morning I was in my … [Read more...]

Got hiccups??? No problem have the solution…


As I've gotten older eating spicy foods gives me the hiccups and I hate that.  Eating Mexican dishes really gives me the hiccups but I'm not giving up Mexican food for hiccups.  NEVER. The other night Mitch and I were leaving our friend house after dinner, we had a Mexican dish, and I had the hiccups for 30 minutes and … [Read more...]

Arlo’s 21st Century Red Cabbage recipe…

red cabbage.

This new recipe from Arlo is making my mouth water.. Before checking out this recipe please click on Arlo's website because I had Arlo read my astrological chart for me a few times and she has blown me away. She is the best in the country, the real deal. Click here for her website.....   21st Century Red … [Read more...]

Bill Blass 80s cropped FAB jacket…

Bill Blass 80's cropped jacket.

Can you ever get tired of finding vintage Bill Blass?  The answer is short and to the point - NO. No you can't ever get tired of finding one of America's most beloved fashion designers ever.  I've written hundreds of post about Bill Blass and I'm sure I can write hundreds more. He was all about tailoring and his … [Read more...]

YouTube video of kitten blown away by her own tail…

Kitten playing with her tail.

It's Saturday so why not take a few minutes to enjoy a sweet video to help you start your day...  This adore kitten is just so enamored by the existence of her very own tail. To me kittens and puppies are the most beautiful creatures in the world, well next to baby elephants, giraffes, pigs, pandas and koalas. I'm an … [Read more...]

Halston IV gold caftan 70s bit of fabulous…

Halston IV 70's gold caftan.

I tell everyone that when I get really old I'm going to start wearing caftans with the biggest Philip Johnson round glasses on the planet. So just wait. I love vintage caftans especially Halston ones.  Let me give you a brief history on kaftan or caftan.  The caftan is a simple garment that has been worn for thousands … [Read more...]