California’s giant sequoias…

Photo by Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times.

For months I've thought about the sequoias in California and how thirsty they must be so when I saw 'Is the drought killing California's giant sequoias?' by Thomas Curwen in LATimes website you know I had to read it. Did you know that a mature sequoia can drink up to 800 gallons of water a day ?  California is in a … [Read more...]

Kentucky Clerk Defying Court….

Kim Davis another wacky CONservative Christian.

I'm so beyond being tired of this hag and all her stupid comments about "God's fucking authority" I want to know how in the hell does this hag know what God's will is?  Is she a nun?  Listen up hag if you don't want to do your job by handing out marriage license to same sex couples then I suggest you quit your sorry … [Read more...]

Oregon, Nevada, Washington & California Drought…

Photo by John Locher /AP

If you didn't catch this article 'The Drought Isn't Just a California Problem' by Julia Lurie in MotherJones website please click on and read it now... The western states are smack in the middle of a major serious dry spell just look at the map at the bottom... Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States … [Read more...]

Secret Nazi Treasure Train Found….

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.09.38 PM

It wasn't until last year that I actually watched Indian Jones so when I read this 'Secret Nazi Treasure Train May Have Been Found, Polish Official Says' by Scott Neuman for NPR I did think it was lifted from a movie.. There have been many rumors passed around of a train loaded with gold, diamonds and other Nazi loot … [Read more...]

Going to a Garden Party with Bill Cunningham…

Bill Cunningham for The New York Times.

I just love Bill Cunningham.... This video 'Garden Party' really made me want to go to Newport to see all these gorgeous old estates and gardens..  I loved watching all the men & women dressed up wearing hats and gorgeous ball gowns during the summer...  I love old world elegance, we need some of that in our modern … [Read more...]

Oil Pipeline under the Great Lakes….

Motherboard VICE

Where you aware of the fact that there is an oil pipeline under the Great Lakes?  Not only is there a pipe line under the Great Lakes but that it is way past its expiration date with foreseeable potential for a major oil spill over the Great Lakes...  I swear you can't make this stuff up so thank goodness we have … [Read more...]

NOAA said July was hot like very hot…

Land & Ocean Temperature for July 2015  chart by NOAA.

Leave it to us humans to screw up Mother Nature... if we can screw it up, we will...  Give mankind a big round of applause because NOAA ( National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) just came out and said July 2015 was the hottest month on Planet Earth. EVER.... The July average temperature across global land and … [Read more...]

Move over Warren Buffett…

Curtis Carroll - also known as "Wall Street" NPR

Every morning I turn on NPR and listen for the good word and when I heard 'Inmate with Stock Tips wants to be San Quentin's Warren Buffett' by The Kitchen Sisters on Morning Edition I stood still. I think it was one of the best stories I've heard on NPR. Curtis Carroll, 37, fell into a gang and at the age of 17 ended … [Read more...]

Panti Bliss Irish Activist Extraordinaire…

Panti Bliss photo by Mark Kauzlarich for The New York Times.

If you haven't seen this article 'Panti Bliss, the Accidental Activist of Ireland' by Liam Stack for The New York Times here is your golden opportunity. As a very proud liberal gay man I have to say kudos to Ireland!!! I mean Ireland is moving at warp speed towards the future and in May became the first country to … [Read more...]